Credits and Acknowledgements

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Richard J. Riordan


John Ferraro, President
Richard Alarcon
Richard Alatorre
Hal Bernson
Marvin Braude
Laura Chick
Michael Feuer
Ruth Galanter
Jackie Goldberg
Mike Hernandez
Nate Holden
Mark Ridley-Thomas
Rudy Svorinich, Jr.
Joel Wachs
Rita Walters


Robert L. Scott, President
George Lefcoe, Former President
Peter M. Weil, Vice President
Gerald L. Chaleff, Commissioner
Marna Schnabel, Commissioner
Anthony N. R. Zamora, Commissioner
Les Hamasaki, Former Commissioner


Con Howe, Director
Franklin P. Eberhard, Deputy Director
Gordon Hamilton, Deputy Director
Robert H. Sutton, Deputy Director

Citywide Planning Division
R. Ann Siracusa, Principal City Planner
Emily J. Gabel, Project Manager


Robert R. Yates, General Manager
Frances T. Banerjee, Assistant General Manager
Thomas K. Conner, Assistant General Manager

Bureau of Transportation Planning
Allyn D. Rifkin, Principal Transportation Engineer
T.K. Prime, Senior Transportation Engineer former staff member


Farhad Abolfathi, Louis Angeles, Ralph Avila, Alan Bell, Jane Benefield, Anita Bizzell, Khalid Chowdry, Melanie Fallon, Michael Feldman, Iris Fagar, Laura Frazin, Hassan Haghani, Rey Hernandez, Michael Hughes, Aleta James, Steve Kim, Brian League, Ken Lesser, Ronald Maben, Daryll Mackey, Violet Moyer, Robert Mullens, Manish Patel, Richard Platkin, Alex Rabrenovich, Corrine Ralph, Dilara Rodriguez, Scott Rittenhouse, Eric Ritter, Stacie Sanders, Luretta Savage, Norman Schwab, Socorro Smith-Yumul, Taimour Tanavoli, Kenneth Topping, Michael Uhlenkott, Sami Wassef - former staff member


Lead Consultant

Envicom Corporation

Joseph G. Johns, President
Elwood C. Tescher, Principal
Carol Waldrop, Project Manager
David Alpaugh, Senior Urban Designer
James Gilbert, Planner
Lisa Brownfield, Senior Planner
Kelly Ray, Environmental Project Manager
Catherine Bernstein, Environmental
Andrew Petrow, Project Planner
Lisa Pickard, Project Planner
Primo Tapia, Computer Graphics Manager
Christopher Boyte, Computer Graphics Specialist
Wendy Chenel, Word Processing Coordinator
Janice Taylor, Word Processing
Roberta Ryniewicz, Administration
Bonnie Phelps, Administration


*Anil Verma Associates
Ben Rosenbloom

*Barton Aschman Associates
Brad Williams
Robert Farley

*Cordoba Corporation
John Oshino
Lisa Levi

*Delon-Hampton Associates
Jeff Guh
Arman Melkonians

*DKS Associates
George Fares
Viggens Davidian
Dan Smith

Gerri Clancy
Frank Samarriba

*McCutchen, Doyle, Brown & Enersen
Daniel J. Curtin Jr., Esq.

Daniel Iacafano
Jim Oswald
Susan Orbuch

*The Natelson Company
Jay Natelson
Roger Dale

*Sedway Cooke Associates
Paul Sedway
Tom Cooke
Bob Odland
Pat Smith

*Terry A. Hayes Associates
Terry Hayes

Cynthia Van Emple
Andy Pimm

*Tierra Concepts
Sylvia Ruiz

Moses Wilson
Special Project Consultants

*Richard Tustian

*Behr Browers Architects
Francisco Behr - former team member


Numerous other past and former City staff members, student interns, and others made important contributions to the Citywide General Plan Framework. The management of the Framework Project gratefully acknowledges the contributions of these persons.

The Citywide General Plan Framework Project was funded by the following departments of City government: Airports, Community Redevelopment Agency, Harbor, Public Works, Transportation, and Water and Power, and by the Southern California Association of Governments. The Department of City Planning gratefully acknowledges the contributions of these departments and agencies.

Further, the City Planning Department wishes to acknowledge the departments and agencies listed for their invaluable assistance in the data collection and analysis, and their participation on the Technical Advisory Committee. Without their help this element would not be possible:

City Administrative Officer
City Attorney
Community Development Department
Community Redevelopment Agency
Cultural Affairs
Department of Airports
Department of Building and Safety
Department of Public Works
Department of Recreation & Parks
Department of Transportation
Department of Water & Water
Environmental Affairs Department
Fire Department
Harbor Department
Housing Department
Library Department
Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Agency
Los Angeles Unified School District
Police Department
Southern California Association of Governments

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