The Exposition Corridor Transit Neighborhood Plan (ECTNP, Proposed Plan or Proposed Project) would establish a Specific Plan to guide future development within the Exposition Corridor. Specifically, the Proposed Project seeks to plan for development in a manner consistent with state, regional and local policies to encourage infill around transit stations as a means to accommodate growth. Thus, the Proposed Project includes a variety of land use regulatory changes primarily at the following five Expo Phase 2 LRT stations areas within the City of Los Angeles: Bundy, Sepulveda, Westwood, Palms, and Culver City.

The Specific Plan would include General Plan amendments and zone changes that encourage infill development and a mix of uses within identified areas to promote transit ridership, reduce automobile dependence, and create vibrant neighborhoods around the transit stations. The ECTNP would: (1) create four new zones and one new land use designation, and changes zoning and land use designations within specified portions of the Project Area; (2) include public benefit requirements associated with tiered floor area ratios in the new zones; (3) create streetscape plans for identified street segments in the Project Area; and (4) require design standards for new development within the Project Area (excluding R1 and R2 zones). The Proposed Project would also include new open space regulations and parking regulations for select properties within the Project Area.

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