Los Angeles City Planning. We are #Planning4LA.


You may have noticed a few recent changes at Los Angeles City Planning. We’ve grown, we’ve planned, and we’ve transformed. Part of this transformation is creating a concise, consistent, lasting, and relevant brand — Los Angeles City Planning. Whether we’re working with residents, community groups, applicants, or in partnership with other City departments, Los Angeles City Planning is currently and will continually be #Planning4LA.

The question planning departments across the country encounter — more frequently than not — is: “What is planning?” This is why we came to the conclusion that as Los Angeles City Planning we needed to create and implement a unique brand that represents and defines who we are, and the core work and values of its employees.

At Los Angeles City Planning, we believe in the four (4) P’s: People, Plans, Policies, and Places. This is represented by our mission statement: “To create and implement plans, policies, and programs that realize a vision of Los Angeles as a collection of healthy and sustainable neighborhoods — each with a distinct sense of place, based on a foundation of mobility, economic vitality, and improved quality of life for all residents.”

Los Angeles City Planning is, however, so much more to so many people. We are leading the charge in land use planning through our innovative, visionary, and award-winning policies.

But, the question still remains: How do you capture this in one brand? This is where we stepped it up — and trust us — the journey to discovering our brand and defining who we are was not an easy feat. It required the support and input of every employee.

After meeting with staff, and really fleshing out who we are, we knew there were things that needed to be addressed. We needed a definitive tagline and call to action; a logo that spoke to the core of what we do and who we are; an updated, functional, and responsive website that is easy to navigate and use.

And that is exactly what we have done, and more… Welcome to Los Angeles City Planning where we are planning for people, because we are #Planning4LA.

We have one look and style that will be implemented across the department. We now have a new logo, a new website, and an innovative approach to our digital communications — everything from our social media to our news alerts and updates.

First, meet our new logo. Let’s break down what the colors and the layout mean:

Red: symbolizes the passion we have for the City of Los Angeles and its residents;

Orange: depicts the energy we have for the profession, our policies, and City Planning;

Yellow: directs you to the center or core of our logo and our work, which is “LA”;

Teal: represents our open communication and clarity;

Blue: serves as a reminder of our knowledge, trustworthiness, and loyalty;

Green: embodies our desire to create a sustainable and healthy city; and,

White: included along the edges, as well as in the background, symbolizes endless possibilities.

The logo is comprised of the words PLAN and LA, both of which are the core of what we do and who we are. We are focused on serving our community, and this logo serves as a constant reminder of that — which is also why we developed a website that is forward-thinking and easy to navigate. Our updated website includes new features such as:

  • An integrated search feature;
  • Compatibility with all devices: mobile, tablet, and desktop;
  • Utilization of GIS in Interactive Story Maps and the Case Filings WebApp;
  • A centralized calendar for all upcoming hearings, events, and public hearings;
  • Contact information easily accessible on every project and program page; and,
  • A single repository for all planning work programs and policy updates.<

Lastly, we are taking a strategic approach to how we communicate via our digital channels including our social media and interested parties email outreach. We are one Department, which is why over the next few months we’ll centralize all of our digital communications. All of our social media outreach will be funneled through our main @Planning4LA social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube — please make sure to follow us for updates.

Planning for LA Social media

Planning in Los Angeles is about listening to residents, responding to their concerns, and planning for their future needs. Who We Are: We are nearly 400 employees strong. Together, we are the faces of Los Angeles City Planning. Covering 470 square miles and representing four million residents, we shape the future development of our City and its neighborhoods.

What We Do: We implement the overarching vision that guides the physical development of our City. By reflecting the collective aspirations of our communities, we enhance and preserve our built environment through long-range planning.

Our Mandate: We balance the diverse needs that are reflective of our geographically and culturally diverse City in order to build consensus and set a clear citywide vision.

We’re about solutions. We are planning for people: we are #Planning4LA.