Transit Oriented Communities Incentive Program

The Transit Oriented Communities (TOC) Incentive Program encourages the construction of affordable housing near bus and train stations. The new units generated by the TOC incentives provide convenient options for low-income residents, add to the City’s housing stock, and promote alternatives to car travel. 

Measure JJJ, passed by voters in 2016, amended the Los Angeles Municipal Code to create the TOC program, a package of new incentives for building affordable housing near public transit. The ballot initiative also required Los Angeles City Planning to create TOC guidelines for all housing developments within a half-mile radius of a major transit stop.

To qualify for the TOC incentives, developers must file the application and tier verification forms below at the Metro Development Services Center

For more information about the TOC program, contact the Affordable Housing Services Section at Visit the Housing page to learn more about City Planning's work on housing policy.


Methodology for Determining Bus Transit Service Levels; Implementation of Rapid Bus Provisions of the Transit Oriented Communities Program
Frequently Asked Questions
TOC Guidelines
Housing Progress Reports
Advisory Memo on Implementation of TOC Incentives in CRA/LA Redevelopment Plan Areas
Advisory Memo on Metro NextGen and Rapid Bus Designations


TOC Application Form
Tier Verification Form