Local Historic Districts (HPOZs)

The City’s local historic districts program aims to identify and protect the distinctive architectural and cultural resources of Los Angeles’s historic neighborhoods. Designating a neighborhood as a local historic district—also called a Historic Preservation Overlay Zone (HPOZ)—means that any new projects in that neighborhood must complement its historic character.

Like other zoning overlays, HPOZs provide an additional layer of planning control during the project review process. All exterior work proposed in an HPOZ, including landscaping, alterations, additions, and new construction, is subject to additional review. Each district has a Preservation Plan with design guidelines and an HPOZ Board that reviews proposed work. Some projects are reviewed at a staff level, while others also go to the district’s HPOZ Board for consultation and review.

The drop-down menu below lists the City’s local historic districts. Click on a district to view its Preservation Plan, boundary map, individual district ordinance, HPOZ Board meeting schedule, and staff contact information.  

For a list of staff contacts, please click here.

To submit a project for review, please visit the Online Application System. More information on submitting a project for review is available here.

Adopted HPOZs


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HPOZ Board

HPOZ Boards review projects for conformance with the guidelines in the adopted Preservation Plan for their district. Depending on the HPOZ, projects reviewed by the Board may range from smaller projects such as window rehabilitation work to larger projects such as home additions and infill developments.

HPOZ Boards also serve as informal sources of technical expertise and guidance. Members are volunteers who bring expertise and familiarity with the neighborhood to their role, and often offer excellent advice on cost-effective ways to remodel properties that will maintain and enhance the building's historic character. They may even suggest local contractors and craftspersons who have worked on similar rehabilitation projects.

Board meetings take place twice monthly in person and may be canceled if a quorum cannot be met or if there are no projects to review. Boards that represent one HPOZ are made up of five members and boards that represent more than one HPOZ are made up of seven members.

All members should have a demonstrated interest in the culture, history, and architecture of the HPOZ Board they serve, and meet one of the following appointment criteria:

Appointing Body Qualifications
Mayor Real estate or construction experience
Council Office* Renter or owner of property within HPOZ
Cultural Heritage Commission Architect licensed in the State of California
Cultural Heritage Commission* Renter or owner of property within HPOZ (non-Architect member)
HPOZ Board Renter or owner of property within HPOZ

*1 appointee for 5-member Board; 2 appointees for 7-member Board

If interested in serving on an HPOZ Board, please fill out this brief questionnaire and we will be in touch with you.

Positions are open on the following HPOZ Boards: