La Fayette Square Historic Preservation Overlay Zone

Staff Contact:
Suki Gershenhorn
(213) 847-3675
Community Plan Area(s):

West Adams - Baldwin Hills - Leimert

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South Los Angeles

Historic Preservation Overlay Zone Board:

Meeting Dates and Time:
1st and 3rd Thursday of each month; 6pm - 7pm
Meeting Location:
Washington Irving Library,
4117 West Washington Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90018

Current Agenda:South Los Angeles Commissions

Lafayette Square was the last and greatest of banker George L. Crenshaw’s ten residential developments in the city of Los Angeles. Since Crenshaw wanted this development to have a European flair it was designed as an elegant residential park centered on St. Charles Place, a broad palm-lined avenue with a landscaped median. Early residents of Lafayette Square included the founder of Pepperdine University, George Pepperdine, actors W.C. Fields and Fatty Arbuckle, art collector Norton Simon, boxer Joe Louis, and the Crenshaw family. Houses in Lafayette Square reflect residential styles popular during the 1910s and 1920s such as Craftsman, Italianate, Spanish Colonial Revival, and American Colonial Revival. Several houses, such as architect Paul Williams’ own home, were designed in the Modern style, exemplifying an important trend in Los Angeles’ architectural development. The Lafayette Square HPOZ was adopted by City Council in 2000.


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