Expedited Processing

Expedited Processing works closely with qualifying applicants to advance housing and commercial projects through the planning process. This service offers some applicants the option of shortening the review time between the submission of a project application and an initial public hearing. Before requesting expedited processing, interested applicants must submit an Intake Form. Contact plnexpedited.intake@lacity.org for more information.

Intake Form

Qualifying applicants will be invited to meet with City Planning staff to review their project proposal and discuss possible next steps.

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Plan Overlay
A Geographic Project Planning Referral Form is required for projects within a plan overlay.
Note: EPS does not generally accept projects within a plan overlay, with limited exceptions.

Project Information

Select the appropriate checkbox. Check all fields that apply, should the project fit into more than one category.

^ Special-Needs Housing: e.g., Assisted Living, Eldercare, Congregate Living Health Facility, Skilled Nursing Facility, Intermediate Care Facility, and uses defined under California Health and Safety Code Section 51312.

^^ Major Development Project as defined in LAMC Section 12.24-U, 14.

^^^ Public Benefits projects may include, but are not limited to, those uses listed under LAMC Section 14.00.

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