Performance Metrics

The Performance Management Unit is responsible for monitoring and analyzing Los Angeles City Planning’s workload and performance metrics. The staff assigned to this Unit advises management on implementing new strategies that aim to improve case processing timeframes, data collection, and analysis around policy outcomes.

The data below is available for public use and will be updated on a quarterly basis to offer regularity and transparency in reporting. Please email questions to or call (213) 978-1196.


Development Activity & Trends

The charts below track the relationship between applications filed and cases completed. In general, an increased volume of entitlement applications submitted is correlated with a decrease in entitlement cases completed over the same time period. This relationship is illustrated in Chart 1.

However, where environmental cases and appeals are concerned, the relationship between applications filed and cases completed is more closely aligned, and there is essentially a one-to-one relationship between administrative applications and cases completed (Charts 2, 3, and 4).


EIR Dashboard

Environmental Impact Reports (EIRs) are complex documents that combine the input of numerous subject-matter experts as well as comments and concerns of diverse stakeholders. These reports may require many rounds of Planning staff review and applicant revision.

Los Angeles published nearly 13 percent of the Draft EIRs and 80 percent of the Final EIRs in California in 2019—even though the City represents only 10 percent of the State’s population. The dashboard below explores a number of metrics related to both active and completed EIRs. These interactive charts will be updated on a monthly basis, so check this space for updated information on EIR progress and completion times.