Public Hearings

City Planning holds public hearings to consider proposed developments. The hearings offer opportunities for members of the public to share feedback on proposed projects, and the decision maker considers this feedback before issuing a formal recommendation. Typically, hearings include a presentation by the assigned planner, followed by opportunities for both the applicant and members of the public to speak. The form of public hearings ranges from citizen-led commission meetings to public forums facilitated by the Department.

Notice to Land Use Industry Professionals

If you are compensated to interact with the Department of Planning, City law may require you to register as a lobbyist and report your activity. Any individual may qualify as a lobbyist, regardless of occupation, education, training, or professional title. A lobbyist may hold a position that includes but is not limited to attorney, CEO, consultant, architect, engineer, government liaison, business owner, permit applicant, urban planner, expediter, land developer, various real estate specialists, and others.

More information is available on the Ethics Commission’s lobbying page and Influencing Land Use Decisions brochure. For assistance, please contact the Ethics Commission at (213) 978-1960 or

Commission Public Hearings and Board Meetings

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Early Notification System

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Letters of Determination (LOD)

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Decision Makers

The decision makers below review and advise on planning applications in Los Angeles.

Hearing Officers and Boards

In addition to formal decision makers, various boards and hearing officers may conduct public hearings for land-use-related items. These boards are comprised of local residents or, in the case of hearing officers, Department staff, who are entrusted with reviewing, recommending, or approving certain planning entitlements.