Regulations Summary

City Planning regularly receives inquiries related to zoning, such as what can be built and what uses are allowed, how large a building can be, and how many housing units may be constructed on a particular site. To assist the public, City Planning has prepared a General Summary: Zoning Regulations document detailing basic zoning information, including permitted use, height, required setback, and parking requirements.

This document serves as an initial frame of reference and does not account for all zoning requirements or additional regulations that may uniquely be applicable to a specific property. For official guidance, consult ZIMAS and the City's Zoning Code. The public counters are also a helpful resource for learning more about site specific zoning as well as citywide land use policies. For more information, contact City Planning staff at any of the three public counters across Los Angeles.

Additionally, City Planning has prepared a comprehensive list of the uses permitted within any given zone. The document, authored by the Office of Zoning Administration, was created to provide information on planning interpretations and zoning rules.

The Department of Building and Safety (LADBS) also maintains the Zoning Code Manual and Commentary, a reference document developed to provide consistent and uniform interpretation, and administration of specific sections of Los Angeles's Zoning Code.


  • General Summary: Zoning Regulations
  • Permitted Uses:By Different Zones