New Housing Poll Reveals that Angelenos Support More Housing Citywide & Support Tenant Protections

Housing Element Poll Results

Angelenos want a variety of affordable housing options in every part of the City. That is one of the top findings from City Planning’s housing poll. Responders also expressed the desire to expand tenant protections along with more, deeply affordable housing across the City.

Similar to prior updates, the current update to the Housing Element includes strategies aimed at reducing displacement, furthering racial equity, addressing homelessness and tenants' rights, as well as housing affordability.

As part of the Department’s outreach, City Planning conducted a poll of nearly 805 city residents from November 5 to 18, 2020, both in English and Spanish. These surveys were conducted by email and text message as well as through the use of a mobile and landline. In order to capture a statistically representative cross-section of Angelenos, the  poll respondents are consistent with the citywide racial, income, household size, renter vs owner, and age demographics of Los Angeles.

The majority of the individuals polled indicated support for having more housing. Among some of the notable findings, include:

  • 89% of participants indicating that the City should continue its overall strategy of accommodating more housing near jobs, transit, and services
  • 81% of participants stating that protecting tenants’ rights is either an extremely or major citywide priority
  • 79% of participants notating that expanding the number of shelters for people experiencing homeless is an extremely high or major priority for the City
  • 76% of participants expressing a high or major desire to see more housing near public transit, near job opportunities, high-performing schools, parks, and other amenities;
  • 75% of participants stating that increasing the supply of affordable housing is either a top or high priority, with an additional 8% noting it as somewhat of a high priority
  • 65% of participants stipulating that allowing apartment and affordable housing in areas of the City that comprise mostly of single-family homes but are located near public transportation, jobs, parks, and high-performing schools as an extremely or major priority 
  • 64% of participants responding that increasing the supply of overall housing is either a top or high priority, with an additional 14% stating that it is somewhat of a high priority 

A summary of the results is available here.

The Department is currently soliciting citywide feedback on the draft concepts and strategies for the #Plan2HouseLA (or Plan to House LA) through a Concepts Survey. The survey explores creating greater access to opportunity, preventing displacement, and addressing the housing shortage. To provide your feedback on these important topics, click here. The Department will continue to collect community feedback, prior to formalizing any recommendations for the City Planning Commission to consider later this summer. You can also sign up online to stay up-to-date on the latest news and updates on the Housing Element Update.