re:code LA as Explained by Popular Culture

re:code LA as Explained by Popular Culture

Keep using the 1946 Zoning Code!? Ain't nobody got time for that!


As you may or may not know, the City of Los Angeles has started a 5-year project to modernize its Zoning Code. We know this news probably has most of you feeling like...

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But re:code LA is actually a super exciting project.

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You see, right now, people have a hard time figuring out what they can build on their properties.

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Many of the zoning regulations conflict with one another.



Homeowners, developers, planners, and architects can all agree that they have felt personally victimized by the outdated Zoning Code.

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So re:code LA is stepping in to streamline the Code and make it more user-friendly.



It's going to take the best practices that currently only exist in some places, and apply them citywide.

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It's going to match development standards to the way modern-day Angelenos want to live.



Outdoor dining? More housing options? Neighborhoods suited for cars, buses, bikes, AND pedestrians? Absolutely.



Also, by defining zones based on 3 basic ingredients: types of uses, building form, and neighborhood character (or orientation), the new Code could offer virtually limitless customization when it comes to creating new zoning districts.

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Basically, it's a really cool project that everyone should know about.

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And what's better? We'd love for you to offer your input throughout the course of the project.



Because a new Zoning Code that really works for our City?

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