Environmental Consultant List

City Planning has created a standard list of consultants from which applicants will be required to hire when preparing environmental content pursuant to the California Environmental Quality Act for development projects. Each consultant on the City’s standard list has a contract with the Department that guides the terms, conditions, and performance standards for the required work.

Applicants are required to select from among the following City-approved firms:

The selection process for awarding environmental consulting services work to consultants on the City’s pre-qualified list will be determined by the applicant. The applicant will enter into a direct contract with their selected consultant governing the full scope of their arrangement. The scope of that contract between the applicant and their selected consultant must be developed in compliance with the Environmental Review Criteria and Performance Standards identified in Exhibit I of the consultant’s contract with the City Planning and all relevant terms and conditions. The City does not guarantee project awards to any consultants on this pre-qualified list, as applicants are solely responsible for the selection and payment of their consultants. All work prepared by the consultant will be performed for, on behalf of, and at the direction of the City. The City retains the right to update this list as needed.