3401 South La Cienega Boulevard Mixed-Use Project

Case Number: : ENV-2021-6879-SCEA
Related Case Number: CPC-2021-6877-DB-SPR-CUB, VTT-83550-CN
Council District: 10
Community Plan Areas: West Adams-Baldwin Hills-Leimert
Project Location: 3401 La Cienega Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90016

Project Description: The Project includes a new 460,824 square-foot mixed-use residential and commercial development, including one Residential Building and one Commercial Building on a site totaling approximately 3.59 acres. The approximately 230,412 square-foot Residential Building contains 260 residential units for rent; 22 units are reserved for “very low income” households and 7 units are reserved for workforce housing within a 149’-6”-tall Residential Building up to 13 stories high on the western portion of the Project Site. The approximately 230,412 square-foot Commercial Building includes 2,869 square-feet of ground floor retail within a 92-foot-tall Commercial Building (office and ground floor retail) up to six stories high on the eastern end of the Project Site. The Project proposes up to 785 parking spaces, including 130 residential and 242 commercial parking spaces. The 413 remaining spaces would be unassigned and available for residential or commercial uses.

Anticipated Significant Environmental Effects: Pursuant to PRC Section 21155.2 a Project evaluated as a SCEA shall not have significant and unavoidable impacts. Based on the analysis included in the SCEA, the Project would not result in significant and unavoidable impacts. All potential impacts would be less than significant or mitigated to less-than-significant levels. Further, pursuant to PRC Section 21155.2(b), the SCEA has considered all possible impacts and incorporated Mitigation Measures for the following impact areas: Air Quality, Biological Resources, Cultural Resources, Geology and Soils, Noise, Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Public Services, Aesthetics, Transportation, Tribal Cultural Resources, and Utilities and Service Systems.

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

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As a result of the Mayor’s Safer at Home Order issued March 19, 2020, some of the previous means to access materials at libraries are no longer available to all residents or interested parties. To that end, the Department of City Planning will ensure that interested parties seeking information about the Project will have access.

The SCEA is available online at the Department of City Planning’s website at https://planning.lacity.gov/development-services/environmental-review/scea. Pursuant to PRC Section 21155.2(b), comments on the SCEA are not required to be responded to by the City. If written comments are received, they will be provided to the decision-maker for consideration. The comment period starts on January 20, 2022 and ends on February 22, 2022.

If you are unable to access digital copies of the SCEA, the Department will attempt to make reasonable arrangements to mail and supply the materials. In addition, physical copies of the SCEA and case file can still be viewed at City offices. The Department has implemented additional measures to ensure the safety of the public viewing physical case files, necessitating appointments.

The SCEA and the documents referenced in the SCEA are available for public review, by appointment only, at City Planning offices located at 200 N Spring Street, Suite 721, Los Angeles, CA 90012. Please contact the Staff Planner listed below to schedule an appointment.

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