FOUND Residences

Case Number: ENV-2022-1049-SCEA
Related Case Number: CPC-2022-1048-DB-HCA
Council District: 13 – Soto-Martinez
Community Plan Areas: Hollywood
Project Location: 6422 West Selma Avenue, 1540-1552 North Wilcox Avenue, Los Angeles, California, 90028

Project Documents: SCEA, Appendices

Project Description: The Found Residences Project (the “Project”) encompasses a Project area of approximately 15,022 square feet (0.35 acre), inclusive of the area to be incorporated following the requested lot line adjustment (the “Project Site”). 6422 Selma Owner, LLC (the “Applicant”) proposes the demolition of the existing one-story storage building and the retention and refurbishment of portions of the existing one-story historic commercial building on the Project Site to develop a 15-story building with 45 4-bedroom residential units. The Project would encompass a total floor area of up to 67,599 square feet resulting in a Floor Area Ratio (FAR) of 4.5:1 and would have a maximum building height of 180 feet and five inches (180’-5”). In total, the Project would provide 6,456 square feet of common open space which includes two ground floor courtyards, and three common-space terraces (on floors 13 and 14, and the roof), The Project also includes 10 common-space living-rooms with balconies (on floors 3-12), and private balconies (on floors 3-14). The Project would provide up to 36 parking spaces, with vehicle access provided via a two-way driveway on Selma Avenue. In addition, the Project would provide 44 bicycle spaces including five short term spaces, and 39 long term spaces located within an enclosed bicycle storage area on the ground level.

Anticipated Significant Environmental Effects: Pursuant to PRC Section 21155.2 a Project evaluated as a SCEA shall not have significant and unavoidable impacts. Based on the analysis included in the SCEA, the Project would not result in significant and unavoidable impacts. All potential impacts would be less than significant or mitigated to less-than-significant levels. Further, pursuant to PRC Section 21155.2(b), the SCEA has considered all possible impacts and incorporated Mitigation Measures for the following impact areas: Cultural Resources, Geology & Soils, Noise, Tribal Cultural Resources, and Mandatory Findings of Significance.

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