Urban Design Studio

The Urban Design Studio works to elevate the quality of public and private design in order to create a more vibrant, livable, walkable, and sustainable city.

The Studio’s guiding values and themes include matching Los Angeles’s remarkable private spaces in the public realm, elevating design expectations for private development, and promoting Los Angeles as a center of design innovation and experimentation.

The Urban Design Studio is spearheading several neighborhood-level and citywide design initiatives. Click below to read more about our current programs:

The Urban Design Studio offers planners and applicants project-specific recommendations, organized around three distinct yet interrelated approaches to design.

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Pedestrian First

Understanding how buildings open up to the street front and can impact the pedestrian experience.

360° Design

Taking the impacts of the built environment on its surroundings into consideration—a 3600 approach to planning.

Climate-Adapted Design

Drawing upon the latest advancements in climate-adapted design, recognizing the role a building’s form can play in the local climate.


The Urban Design Studio’s staff is available to assist project applicants, community members, and public agencies:
Holly Harper, Planning Assistant, holly.harper@lacity.org, (213) 847-3706
Danai Zaire, City Planning Associate, danai.zaire@lacity.org, (213) 847-3709