Fall 2018

PUBLISHED ON: May 19, 2019


Following our Fall 2017 Open Houses and Winter 2018 Open House, we continued our outreach efforts with the Boyle Heights Neighborhood Council (BHNC) and neighborhood groups, and held several Pop-Ups at community events such as the Boyle Heights Farmer’s Market (see Past Events below to view event material). Throughout the spring and fall of 2018, we attended several public meetings with the BHNC’s committees. The meetings were held in a roundtable format and covered a variety of planning topics in the Boyle Heights Community Plan. These public meetings included the NC’s Transportation and Environment Committee, Neighborhood Committee, and the Historic Preservation Committee (visit the BHNC’s website for more information).

Since we released the Draft Plan in 2017, as well as plan concepts and draft zoning, the intent of the Fall 2017 Open Houses, Winter 2018 Open House, and roundtable public meetings with the BHNC was to continue to hear feedback from multiple area stakeholders. We are working to incorporate the feedback we have received since 2017 in a revised Draft Plan that we anticipate releasing with the DEIR in 2019.