Westside Community Plans Launched!

PUBLISHED ON: January 14, 2017


Westside Community Plans Update- Planning the Westside
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The Department of City Planning has officially launched a three-year effort to update four Community Plans for the Westside region of Los Angeles: Palms-Mar Vista-Del Rey, Venice, West Los Angeles, and Westchester-Playa Del Rey.
A Community Plan is the blueprint that guides growth in our neighborhoods by establishing the community’s vision for the future, laying out policies, and designating land uses. To ensure that the Community Plans effectively guide current and future growth over the next two decades, it is necessary that they are re-evaluated and refreshed periodically. Main components of the Community Plan Update include:

  1. A revision of the goals, policies, and programs for each Community Plan.
  2. Any needed revisions to the Community Plan Land Use Map.
  3. An update to the zoning across the Community Plan area to implement the plan’s goals and policies and effectuate the Department’s pending new zoning code.
  4. An Environmental Impact Report (EIR) to assess potentially significant impacts to the environment.

We have initiated the update process by holding meetings with the nine Neighborhood Councils (located within the four Community Plan Areas) to share information regarding the Westside Community Plans Update program. During the Fall of 2018 we will conduct two Planning 101: Community Planning sessions and a webinar followed by four Kick-off Events in each Community Plan Area.
We need your participation and input! The process for updating Community Plans is a collaborative effort between community stakeholders and the Department of City Planning. Your voice is integral to ensuring that your vision for your community is accurately reflected in the updated document. Throughout this process, there will be many opportunities to comment and shape your Community Plan. Please check our website regularly and signup on our email mailing list so that you're kept up-to-date! For more information on our outreach effort, how to get involved or to sign up for email updates, click on the Get Involved tab.
We look forward to working with you!
-Westside Community Plan Update Team