Restaurant Beverage Program (RBP)

The Restaurant Beverage Program (RBP) is an administrative review process available for qualifying sit-down restaurants requesting to serve alcoholic beverages. The RBP eliminates the need to obtain a Conditional Use permit (CUB), which significantly shortens the processing time and lowers the cost of obtaining the City's approval. To apply, restaurants must be located in an RBP-eligible geographic area of the city and must comply with a set of 50+ standards.

Applications for the program are now being accepted within City Council designated RBP-Eligible geographic areas. To apply, please go to Planning’s Online Application Portal and select “Restaurant Beverage Program” under the Alcoholic Beverage and/or Entertainment options. Here you will be able to access and complete the RBP Application Form and submit additional required documentation.

For more information about the program, please contact:

RBP Fact Sheet

Citywide Map of RBP Eligible Areas

Ordinance Number 187402