The Plan for a Healthy Los Angeles

The Plan for a Healthy Los Angeles lays the foundation to create healthier communities for all Angelenos. As an Element of the General Plan, it provides high-level policy vision, along with measurable objectives and implementation programs, to elevate health and environmental justice as a priority for the City’s future growth and development.

The plan was formally adopted in 2015, with a technical update in 2021. You can access a PDF of the Plan for a Healthy Los Angeles, which details the Goals, Policies, Objectives and implementation Programs related to health and environmental justice.

The plan was influenced by several supporting documents. This includes the Health Atlas for the City of Los Angeles, which quantifies and communicates several different metrics of community vulnerability to shape appropriate policy interventions. The original Health Atlas 2013 is available as a PDF, and the city also released an interactive version of the Health Atlas 2013, which includes health focused profiles by Community Plan Area. In addition, the Health Atlas maps have been updated with the most recent available data and compiled in the Health Atlas 2021 PDF.