Guidelines & Resources

The Urban Design Studio has helped craft design guidelines that have shaped both private and public development in Los Angeles. The Studio recently updated the Citywide Design Guidelines, consolidating separate documents for residential, commercial, and industrial development into a single user-friendly document organized around the Studio’s three design approaches

Design Guidelines

The Citywide Design Guidelines maintain neighborhood form and character while promoting quality design and creative infill development solutions.

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Parking Advisory

The Above-Grade Parking Advisory provides design guidance on minimizing the visibility of project parking.


Design Resource 1
Living Streets

Living Streets feature trees, sidewalk plantings, and narrower roadways.


Design Resource 2
Soil Depths

Guidelines for soil depth ensure plants have adequate growing space.


Design Resource 3
Tree Wells

These guidelines recommend tree well dimensions for different sidewalk areas.


Design Resource 4
Urban Parkways

These guidelines recommend dimensions for sidewalk plantings.


Urban Design 

Urban design holistically encompasses the disciplines of urban planning, architecture, and landscape architecture. 

Design Guide

The Downtown Design Guide is the official guide to development in the Downtown Los Angeles area. It encourages Downtown Los Angeles to develop as a more livable and sustainable community.

Street Standards

The Downtown Street Standards, in combination with the Downtown Design Guide, provide certainty for developers and architects as to the building street wall location and required roadway improvements.

Small Lot
Design Standards

The Small Lot Design Standards create specific and enforceable rules regarding the design for all small lots, including building orientation, primary entryways, façade articulation, roofline variation, building modulation, pedestrian pathways, landscaping, and common open space areas.

Mobility Hubs Pamphlet

The Mobility Hubs Pamphlet provides guidance on amenities, activities, and programs that support multi-modal connectivity near transit stations.