Hollywood Redevelopment Plan

Staff Contact:
Development Services Center (DSC), Metro Counter
Redevelopment Plan Unit
201 N. Figueroa St. Suite 525
Los Angeles, CA 90012
(213) 202-5456
email: planning.redevelopment@lacity.org
Community Plan Area(s):


Council District(s):
4 & 13
Area Planning Commission(s):

Central Los Angeles


Expiration Date:
May 2028


Reports for previous surveys of the former Hollywood Redevelopment Project Area can be found on the Historic Resources Surveys site.


Redevelopment Plan

Historic Resources Survey

Historic Resources Survey Report
Appendix A - Individual Resources
Appendix B - Non-Parcel Resources
Appendix C - Historic Districts and Planning Districts 
Appendix D - Designated Resources
Appendix E - Survey Maps

Design for Developments

Repeal of Revised Amended Design for Development for Signs in Hollywood