Westside Community Planning Advisory Group

PUBLISHED ON: November 30, 2022

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Los Angeles City Planning (LACP) is pleased to announce the formation of the 2022 Westside Community Plans Advisory Group (WCPAG).

The 52-member Advisory Group is composed of a diverse group of community leaders, residents, community based organizations (CBO), advocacy groups, business leaders, Neighborhood Councils, Business Improvement Districts (BIDs), youth, housing development experts, and professionals from various planning-related fields.

The Advisory Group, which is not a decision making body, will assist the LACP Westside Community Plans Update team in evaluating initial draft community plan materials, such as new land use maps, zoning, and draft policies. These efforts will help address a wide variety of topics, including housing, tenant rights, homelessness, climate change, mobility, historic preservation and cultural resources, sustainability, and other critically important issues facing the Westside Communities.

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WCPAG Meeting 3: Recording

WCPAG Meeting 3: Summary (English)

WCPAG Meeting 3: Summary (Spanish)

WCPAG Meeting 2: Recording

WCPAG Meeting 2: Summary (English)

WCPAG Meeting 2: Summary (Spanish)


WCPAG Meeting 1: Recording

WCPAG Meeting 1: Summary (English)


WCPAG Meeting 1: Summary (Spanish)